Top 10 Things To Do at the Shore This Fall

Today is the first full day of autumn, and the beginning of a spectacular season to be down the shore. As a matter of fact, some people say it’s their favorite beach season. The air is crisp, the sun's still warm and the beaches (and parking!) are free. If you’re not quite ready to trade … Continue reading Top 10 Things To Do at the Shore This Fall

Beware the Rip

September is a beautiful time to go down the shore. Cool breezes, warm ocean temps and crystal blue skies lure many off-season visitors to the sand and surf, especially with the promise of a peaceful dip in the sea without having to dodge wayward boogie-boarders. But September is also the peak of hurricane season when … Continue reading Beware the Rip

Goin’ Down The Shore…Family Style

Do you remember going to the beach with just a Tab, a towel and some baby oil? When you turned head, not stomachs, when you removed your cover-up? Back then you wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near the Fudgy Wudgy guy, but now you’re forced to chase after him, drawing unwanted attention to your flopping body … Continue reading Goin’ Down The Shore…Family Style