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Blitz’s Markets in Ocean City Have Cornered the Market with Delicious Deli Foods

Blitz’s Markets in Ocean City Have Cornered the Market with Delicious Deli Foods

There are many reasons why Ocean City New Jersey has recently been named the Best Beach in America, as well as America’s Happiest Seaside Town. Its idyllic location between Atlantic City and Cape May, a fun boardwalk and velvet sand beaches are just some of the reasons why Ocean City is such a popular vacation destination for families.


At the heart of America’s Greatest Family Resort are families who provide goods and services to locals and visitors. Ocean City is home to many family-owned businesses that have been serving customers and the community for decades. Blitz’s Market is one of those businesses, with locations at 21st and 34th Streets. Blitz’s is a popular market and deli for both locals and visitors alike, because when your own family is at the heart of your business, you become like family to all your customers.


Joan and Dave Newman have been the proud owners of these Ocean City mainstay markets since 2001. The story behind Blitz’s success started with a Jersey shore romance. Dave, who grew up in Sea Isle, became a stock boy for Blitz’s at the age of 15. He met Joan one night through friends and wooed her by taking her on a midnight run to Blitz’s. After all, he had a key to the store – and what better way to win the affections of his future wife than with a freshly made sandwich. Two years later they were married and moved to Philadelphia where they resided until Dave was offered a position as a partner in the business. Armed with Dave’s culinary degree and an exciting new business opportunity, the couple moved to the shore and took over the grill, where they’ve been serving sandwiches and other deli delights for 18 years.

Serving Ocean City as “your neighborhood store at the Jersey shore”, Blitz’s provides a one-stop shop for items ranging from fresh produce to health and beauty items and everything in between. It’s a perfect store for anyone who wants to pick up a quick order and avoid lines at the chain stores. Owning a small business themselves, the Newmans are proud to carry and promote locally sourced items such as Hank Sauce, Cape May Honey, Ocean City Coffee and Jersey fresh produce, and support local farmers and businesses.

As a deli, Blitz’s offers a wide range of delicious items to satisfy any taste. In addition to freshly made sandwiches and hoagies, they offer breakfast items, salads, Blitz’s Buckets containing fried chicken, shrimp and wings and much more.

blitz27Of all their offered items, Blitz’s burgers are their top sellers. For the month of June, the deli created 17 gourmet burgers to offer customers. People rave about their oversized, juicy burgers and love the variety of custom options. Blitz’s also offers Italian specialty sandwiches, including the Columella hoagie which was named after Joan’s father, featuring gourmet imported Italian meats and cheeses. Continuing their support of another local business, Blitz’s always includes a Shriver’s Saltwater Taffy with their sandwiches to give customers a sweet treat after their meal.

Blitz’s provides a catering service for both local and vacationing customers who are planning a party, fundraiser or other special event. They offer customized sandwich trays, salads, desserts and other items. To add a bit of Ocean City whimsy, Blitz’s also decorates their catered sandwich trays with a colorful assortment of Shriver’s taffies.

As tastes grow and new items become popular, so does Blitz’s menu. To keep up with trending tastes and dietary concerns, Blitz’s now offers smoothies, a variety of salads including Buddha bowl specialty protein-enhanced salads, lettuce wraps for customers seeking a gluten-free sandwich option, as well as other gluten-free and vegan offerings.

They are always open to new ideas and often seek them from friends and family. In fact, a popular sandwich called the Frankie D was named for a co-worker of Joan’s at Shore Medical. When Frankie D envisioned his perfect sandwich – an Italian roast pork with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone – he told Joan about it and she made it a reality. The Newmans then tested the sandwich on other friends and family, which is what they do before a suggestion makes it on to the menu. This is how Blitz’s keeps up with trends and involves their customers – who they call family – in their ever-evolving options.


Family is at the heart of Blitz’s business model. On weekends, both Dave and Joan’s fathers work in the stores, grinding coffee and running the registers. Their specialty sandwiches are named after family members – in addition to the Columella, both Joan and Dave’s grandfathers each have a panini named for them and their pictures are proudly displayed on Blitz’s menu. When it comes to customer service it’s simple – the Newmans treat everyone like family, whether a staff member or someone who has wandered into the store for the first time. Joan and Dave not only employ family members including their own children, but over 30 other staff members who have become extended family. Like loving parents do, they work hard to promote a positive working environment for everyone involved. Many of their staff start as stockers as young teens, like Dave did, and make their way up to manager by the time they graduate from college. The Newmans love watching their “other” children grow up, learn skills, earn money and go off to their careers, hoping Blitz’s has had a hand in their future successes.

One of the most unique businesses currently operating in Ocean City is based on a partnership forged between Blitz’s Market and Beach Bucket Lunch. In 2014, Gretchen Ritter approached Joan and Dave with her idea for a new business opportunity – delivering lunches to people on the beach through online ordering so they didn’t have to leave the beach. As lifelong customers of Blitz’s Market, Gretchen and her mom wanted to select a deli they knew they could rely upon to prepare fast, fresh and delicious foods for delivery to customers right to their beach chairs. The Newmans jumped on the opportunity and today Beach Bucket Lunch is successfully operating for its sixth summer in Ocean City, delivering their trademark colorful buckets to hungry beachgoers. Beach Bucket Lunch includes a freshly made Blitz’s sandwich, chips, a dessert and a drink. In addition to its partnership with Beach Bucket Lunch, Blitz’s is offering online ordering for pick-up or delivery from their 34th Street location through their newly upgraded website at

blitz36.jpgBlitz’s not only serves great food but they also serve the community. Dave works closely with the American Legion of Ocean City, giving his time to participate and cook meals weekly for their fundraisers. Joan, an OR nurse by day, saves lives and assists community members with their health concerns. The couple donates to the Ocean City School District through supporting team dinners and other fundraisers. They also provide desserts and food trays to their church when it hosts card parties or various other events. The Newmans are grateful to the Ocean City community for the success they’ve earned, and they love to both give it back and pay it forward.


Just like its hometown, Blitz’s Market has also received numerous awards – they have been voted Best Deli on the Island and have won the People’s Choice award 4 years in a row. What better way to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or beach picnic in America’s Greatest Family Resort than with a business that is not only centered around family, but one that treats you like family as well.


To take part in their special offer, click the photo above to be taken to the Blitz’s Markets website. Enjoy!

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