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Cruise the Shore with South Jersey Electric Vehicles

Cruise the Shore with South Jersey Electric Vehicles

If you’ve spent any time at the shore recently, you’ve probably noticed an increase in low-speed vehicles – or what some people think are golf carts – cruising up and down coastal roads. If you would like to know more about these convenient, open-aired vehicles, such as how to get one for yourself, look no further than South Jersey Electric Vehicles.


SJEV is a local family-owned business that has been a major supplier of electric and gas vehicles, personnel vehicles, specialty vehicles and burden carriers for over 40 years. With two locations in Egg Harbor Township and Rio Grande, SJEV once catered exclusively to the needs of the golf industry, but a large part of their business now offers vehicles and services to non-golfers. Not only are homeowners using them to get around their neighborhoods and towns, but these vehicles are proving to be very useful in places such as storage facilities, apartment complexes, campgrounds, casinos, universities and others. Shore-town residents and seaside businesses such as hotels and transportation companies, in particular, have found that getting around the shore in these cool little carts is easier and more enjoyable. And, in using these vehicles, they are helping to reduce the impact that vehicular traffic has on the environment.

sjev12Low-speed vehicles have no emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, motor vehicle emissions collectively cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution in the United State. Motor vehicle emissions increase the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which leads to global warming. Low-speed vehicles are also smaller and easier to park. And who doesn’t love to drive around with their windows open in the summer at the shore, with cool ocean breezes blowing through your hair? Electric vehicles have roofs but the sides are open, so you get the benefit of both the shade and the breeze.

SJEV proudly carries only American made low-speed vehicles. They are fully electric, built to meet applicable federal regulations and are street-legal on roads with speed limits up to 35mph, which would be Ocean Drive and most shore town roads. They are available in 2, 4 or 6-passenger configurations. For those looking to purchase an electric vehicle, SJEV offers complete customization in order to satisfy every taste, including size and color of vehicle. SJEV assists people in selecting special add-ons for their vehicles, including radios or LED under-carriage lighting. In addition to sales, SJEV also provides rentals, service, parts and winter storage.


That’s right – you don’t have to just purchase a vehicle – you can also rent one while on vacation. Imagine spending the week riding around town feeling the cool ocean breeze, driving to your favorite al fresco restaurants, well – al fresco?

If you are interested in renting a low-speed vehicle, reach out to the SJEV staff via their contact form on their website (link) to get more information or a quote. You can also contact them directly at their Rio Grande store located at 1060 Route 47 South. They also have a location at 1322 Doughty Road, Egg Harbor Township. Or you can call them at 609-846-7513. SJEV offers a fleet specifically designed low-speed vehicles to use on the roads, campgrounds and other places allowing for non-street use. In order to rent a low-speed vehicle, you must possess a valid driver’s license, be 21 years of age or older and provide a proof of insurance.

SJEV8.jpgIn their over 40 years of operation, SJEV has assisted with many special events by providing vehicles for transportation for concerts, graduation ceremonies, weddings, Halloween and prom festivities, soccer and lacrosse tournaments, sporting clay events and more. They also provided transport vehicles for the 2013 Special Olympics.

This company, owned and operated by a local father and son team, has grown over the years because of their exceptional customer service and the individualized attention they give to all their customers, regardless of whether it is a high-end golf course seeking a fleet of vehicles or a family who’s looking to rent a cart on vacation. They take pride in their company’s service and reputation and have proudly helped people get around in the coolest way possible. Consider renting one for your vacation. Go green with SJEV – and enjoy the ride!

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