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Photo Contest – Favorite Summer Memories

Photo Contest – Favorite Summer Memories

It’s hard to believe that September is here! As you unpack your beach bags and get ready for school, football and cozy sweaters, it’s always fun to look back on the great memories you made during summer.

For that reason, September’s photo contest is all about sharing your favorite summer memories with our readers. The winning photo will be featured on our September 21, 2017 “Farewell to Summer” blog post. Honorable mentions will also be given.

To submit a photo, please attach it in an email with the information requested below and send your photo and explanation to Please include the following:

Your name:
Your town/state:
Your email address (for us to contact you, not for public sharing):
What the photo depicts (include location, what or who is in the photo, etc.):
Date photo was taken (this can be approximate!):
Place photo was taken:
How photo was taken (cell phone, camera, type of camera, etc.)
Why does the photo capture your favorite memory?:

Winning photos will be accompanied by your name, town, state, place photo was taken, what type of camera was used and a brief description. If the photograph tells a special story, let us know and we may feature your story in a future blog post.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you and good luck! In the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos we took depicting our favorite summer memories!

“Where Shall We Go Next?” IMG_7482

This photo was taken on the Ocean City Boardwalk in July 2017. It is a candid photo depicting my family’s feet as we gathered on the boardwalk one night and discussed where we were going to head after our delicious Manco and Manco pizza dinner.

IMG_7901“Cloudy Day on the Beach”

This photo was taken on the Sea Isle City beach in July 2017. It was a beautiful day with fluffy white (and a few gray) clouds floating by.



“Sunset at Sunset Pier”IMG_7377

This photo was taken just after my family enjoyed a lovely pre-sunset dinner at Sunset Pier in Townsends Inlet. It’s one of our favorite dining destinations with a view.

IMG_7303Sunset Walk at Townsends Inlet Park” 

On this night my family came to the Townsends Inlet Park to photograph the sunset. This photo was taken along the path before we got to the beach.


“Dinner at Carmen’s”IMG_4735

No matter what time of day you eat at Carmen’s (they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner) the view, and the food, is always amazing!

“Summer Storm Collection” 

We had a lot of rain this summer, which made for some very interesting cloud formations.

“Lightening Collection”

These were taken with an iPhone at around midnight. See how the lightening lights up the midnight sky (not the best quality, but amazing how lightening lights up the night beach!)

And not to leave this on a bad note, some photos taken on nicer days…


Let us know what you think!

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