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The Ocean

The ocean is one of the greatest assets of the South Jersey coast. Without it, we wouldn’t have beaches, watersports or a beautiful natural resource to walk along or stare at for inspiration.

The South Jersey coast is made up of barrier islands. These islands protect South Jersey’s mainland from the ocean and create inlets and bays. These inlets and bays provide a great playground for fishing and watersports because the calmer waters allow for easier kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

The ocean is a precious resource

It is important that we protect the ocean to preserve this natural resource. However, there is much we should know about the Atlantic Ocean in order to protect it. There are multiple threats to the ocean’s health and preservation. These include the threat of plastic and other trash creating debris fields and endangering marine wildlife. It also includes the effects of climate change. Rising ocean temps threaten to melt the polar ice cap, and actually has over the past few years. Rising temps mean rising sea levels, which will have a disastrous effect on our coastlines and the towns that border them. Climate change is also creating superstorms such as Hurricane Sandy which destroyed large sections of the New Jersey coast.

The ocean can also cause danger to humans if we are not careful when we are in and around it. Here, we include information about ocean safety here, as well as how to spot a rip current. We’ve also included a link to a tide chart below so that you can keep an eye on the daily tides. A tide chart is helpful in knowing when high and low tides will be each day. That’s because a tide chart will help you decide where to put your chair and beach umbrella so you don’t get swept away.

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Tide Chart for Ocean City NJ

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