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14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #5 Donate to a Shore Thing

14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #5 Donate to a Shore Thing

We are all working hard to limit the spread of Covid-19 by washing our hands, practicing social distancing and sheltering in place. That is because working together is the best way to beat this thing. But while we’re sheltering in place, our assistance is needed in other ways as well. Certainly, the most pressing needs are felt by those organizations directly addressing the pandemic. However, there are other organizations that need us now, more than ever. While we’re hunkering down and sheltering in place, organizations that rely on our donations of time, money or participation are having to figure out how to survive without it. The harsh reality – some won’t.

This includes organizations that fulfill other types of healthcare needs, including to our most vulnerable populations, children and the elderly. Then there is the environment, which is always in need of our assistance. Just look at all the social media images showing surgical gloves and masks that have been discarded on the ground outside stores. Sea animals are still dying from the plastics we produce. We’re not only using – and discarding – more plastic products right now, but we’re also not able to volunteer and save these animals.

Even the arts and humanities, which rely on human interaction, will be suffering from our new social distancing practices. When life resumes, we’re going to want to enjoy a concert, a beach movie, a theatrical performance. We’re still going to want to dine in our favorite restaurants and shop in our favorite stores. But many organizations and small businesses will likely close as a result of this quarantine. So this is a good time to donate to a shore organization.

It is easy to feel helpless during these times, but helping others is one way to restore a feeling of helpFULness. So whether you’re interested in donating to a Covid-19 cause or another area in need of donations, we rounded up some organizations at the shore that can use your help right now. This list gives you some options for how you can offer assistance, as well as bring you just a little closer to your home by the sea. So go ahead – donate to a shore thing.

Covid-19 / Healthcare

If you would like to help with the immediate Covid-19 or other healthcare matters, here are a few ideas:

American Red Cross – Southern Shore Region

The American Red Cross is in need of blood donations, as well as financial donations.

Cape May County Office of Emergency Management

The OEM is seeking donations of masks and gloves.

Shore Memorial Covid-19 Fund

This fund has been set up to assist in restocking supplies for the anticipated increase in Covid-19 patients.

Volunteers in Medicine Free Clinics of South Jersey

These services are completely free and fully reliant on donations.

Brendan Borek High Tides Memorial Fund

This fund helps pediatric cancer patients and their families.

People Helping People

Meals on Wheels

The Kiwanis Club of Cape May provides Meals on Wheels services to Cape May Residents. You can donate to Meals on Wheels of America or directly to the Kiwanis Club. The Club also supports The Nature Center of Cape May, educational programs, scholarships and a Food Closet, among other programs.

Ocean City Surf Chair Program

Donations help Ocean City purchase surf chairs for those who need assistance in getting to the beach.


The Wetlands

The Wetlands is dedicated to preserving this very important natural resource. Donations are accepted for a variety of different programs.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center

Donations help with services and transportation of stranded marine mammals.

Arts and Leisure

The Cape May Lighthouse

By purchasing tickets to climb the lighthouse now, you will receive tickets that never expire. The costs support the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the lighthouse.

Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts

Cape May offers non-stop, year round entertainment in the arts and historical programs. This organization relies on donations. You may donate to the general fund or choose which program your donation will support.

Local Shore Businesses

These are trying times for us all, but imagine if your income depended upon being able to open your doors to the public – and being told you can’t? While we’re all in quarantine and on lock-down, our favorite shore shop owners are prohibited from opening their doors at a time of year when the shore is just coming to life. They need your support now, more than ever. If you hope to patronize your favorite business this summer, consider doing something now to ensure they can still be operational a few months from now. Look them up, reach out to them, and see how you may help them stay afloat until we resume business as usual. Whether that’s a social media shout out, a donation or referring friends and family to their online or gift card sales, every little bit helps!

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