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14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #8 Buy Beach-Friendly Products

14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #8 Buy Beach-Friendly Products

We know it’s been hard to stay away from the shore. But one great way to stay connected is to plan on doing your part to be a little more eco-friendly. When you return this summer, consider using beach-friendly products

Many organizations are working hard to clean up plastics on the beaches and oceans. Several beach towns along the Jersey coast have banned the use of plastic bags and utensils. And the Surfrider Foundation is growing and maintaining a list of Ocean-Friendly Restaurants. These are restaurants around the country who’ve eliminated plastics. And some are right in Cape May County.

So why not take it one step further and invest in beach-friendly products designed to help save our marine environment? Some companies have created reusable products to cut down on the amount of plastic waste. Others have developed formulas that are less harmful on our sea animal friends. And many are busy cleaning up the ocean and creating products designed to raise funds for those efforts.

Here’s a breakdown of eco-friendly beach products and companies that donate a portion of their sales to helping our marine environment in case you want to get involved.

All of these products can be ordered online, right from the comfort of your own home. After all, doing a little beach-themed shopping right now is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Note: these are affiliate links, which means we will gain a commission through the sale of some of these beach-friendly products.

30A Gear

This company, whose name comes from a popular two-lane road along Florida’s Gulf Coast, has helped to raise $2.5 million for coastal charities through the sale of its beach-friendly products. 30A’s line of super-soft apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles, which prevents 5 million plastic bottles from going into landfills and oceans. All 30A designs are printed in the US with eco-friendly water-based inks, and their products are shipped in recycled packing materials.

Click here to shop the 30A “Beach Happy” line and other products to help coastal charities and support the use of recycled materials.

Ocean & Co

Ocean & Co is dedicated to supporting research efforts and awareness campaigns to help fund a solution to the problem of ocean pollution. Their mission is to sell sustainable, quality, and eco-friendly products. They do this not only to raise awareness of the impact that pollution has on our oceans. But with every purchase, they make a donation to organizations that are preventing ocean pollution through research, awareness and education. They have raised thousands of dollars for the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, The Lonely Whale, and Oceana. They are currently developing classroom materials to assist teachers around the world in educating youth about the harmful effects of ocean pollution and single use plastics.

You can help support their efforts by purchasing one of their jewelry or apparel items. Click here to check out Ocean & Co merchandise.

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud was started by three friends who had a dream of reinventing the beach towel. They wanted to create a sand-resistant and ultra-absorbent cotton towel. In order to create their new version of an old beach accessory, they committed to using sustainable materials. They also wanted to donate a portion of all sales to marine conservation charities as a way to protect beaches and the ocean. Today, every sale goes to a worthwhile environmental charity, including the Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper, Hawaii Wildlife Fund and Ocean Connectors. They have included other eco-friendly products to their Sand Cloud line, including clothing made from recycled materials, reef-safe sunscreen, reusable glass water bottles and reusable metal straws.

Click here to order their environment-friendly products.

Pura Vida Bracelets

The Pura Vida Bracelet movement began after two Southern California friends took a college graduation trip down to Costa Rica. There, they met two local artisans whose beautiful string bracelets captured the colorful Costa Rican culture. The friends learned that the artisans were struggling to survive, living with their family in a single room with three beds. Wanting to help, the friends asked the artisans to make 400 bracelets to take home with them.

That’s when “Pura Vida” – or “pure life” in Spanish – began. What started out as selling just a few bracelets a week has grown into a worldwide movement with millions of bracelets sold each year. Today, the company is a family of more than 800 artisans who live in Costa Rica, El Salvador, India and other countries, who can now count on a steady income and positive work environment.

Beyond these families, the company also created the Charity Collection in which they’ve partnered with over 175 charities around the world to donate nearly $2.2 million to causes, and they are always striving to do more. They offer certain bracelets that are specifically donated to marine-related charities and help save animals such as turtles, manatees, dolphins and more. The charities they support include Sea Turtle Conservancy, Surfrider, Coral Reef Alliance, Oceanic Preservation Society and Cleawater Marine Aquarium Research Institute, among others. Currently, they are also donating $1 to Feeding America for every order placed this month to help secure and distribute at least 10 meals to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. So far the movement has donated over 1.1 million meals.

Click here to purchase a bracelet and help support your favorite charity.


4Ocean was founded to help end the ocean plastic crisis. This non-profit organization partners with local fishermen and community members. The group hires boat captains and crew to recover plastic debris they find in the ocean and on beaches. They then track it and prepare it for recycling. They also install barricades at the mouths of rivers to stop the flow of plastic and trash into the ocean.

To fund their mission, 4Ocean sells bracelets made from post-consumer recycled materials. Each bracelet purchase funds the removal of one pound of plastic from the ocean. In addition to selling bracelets to fund their clean-up efforts, they also beach clean-up supplies such as gloves and bags. They also offer metal straws, reusable shopping bags and travel mugs, and clothing. To purchase from 4Ocean, click on the images below or click here to see all their products.

4Ocean also offers a monthly bracelet subscription, in which you will receive a new bracelet every month. Each bracelet represents an animal or ecosystem impacted by ocean plastic. Your membership fee helps 4Ocean fund global cleanups, support efforts to educate the public, invest in new technology and products, and make donations to their nonprofit partners.  To become a part of their Clean Ocean Club, click here.

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly beach products? If so, please share them with us so we can include them in future articles. Thanks for doing your part to help keep our beaches and ocean clean. Stay healthy, everyone!

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