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Blitz’s Market in Ocean City – Giving Back to the Community, One Meal at a Time

Blitz’s Market in Ocean City – Giving Back to the Community, One Meal at a Time

Sometimes, the worst conditions will bring out the best in people.

That is exactly what is happening at the shore these days. Our healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store, pharmacy and food delivery service workers are out on the front lines every day. They are risking their own well-being to make certain the community is safe, stays healthy and has what they need to survive. But while these men and women are out providing essential services, there are many individuals and organizations doing what they can to support their heroic efforts.

The Newman family is a great example of this type of teamsmanship. As owners of Blitz’s Market in Ocean City, they are working hard to serve the community during this pandemic. Joan is an Operating Room nurse at Shore Medical Center, and Dave and his crew at Blitz’s are keeping the deli and market open to serve the community. While Joan and Dave are out working, their two teens are doing their part to man the home front. They make sure the laundry, dishes and other household chores are done so that their parents don’t have to worry about these things when they get home. In other words, they are caring for their parents while they are out caring for the world.

Like the Newman family, there are many individuals and organizations who are working to make sure the front line workers are well cared for.

Blitz’s Market has a long-standing reputation for community involvement. They treat their regular customers like family. In the summer, they support fellow small business owners by carrying locally sourced items in the market. This includes Cape May Honey, Ocean City Coffee, Hanks Hot Sauce and other products. They support local farmers by carrying Jersey fresh produce. And they’ve partnered with Shriver’s Saltwater Taffy to offer a sweet treat with their sandwich trays. As a result of the pandemic, they are even more inspired to assist local businesses and intend to continue carrying and promoting local products this summer.

As a member of the American Legion, Dave donates his time to volunteer and cooks for them weekly for their fundraisers and Joan helps when she can. Prior to the pandemic, Blitz’s Market provided meals and food donations for many special community and family events, as well as supporting Ocean City schools by supplying team dinners and meals for other fundraisers. Blitz’s also provides desserts and trays to the church when they have card parties or various other events. The Newmans feel it is important to give back because they realize that Blitz’s owes its success to the community.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, their philanthropic philosophy is even stronger. Blitz’s Market has become a great vehicle for the Newmans to help support those who wish to give back to the front line workers. They donated 250 breakfast sandwiches to the staff at the hospital, and several other individuals and community members have followed suit. Dr. & Mrs. Joshua Daniel of Shore Physicians Group donated lunch to the staff of the Orthopedic and Neurology Floor at the hospital. Robin Keyack, Assistant Vice President of Surgical and Ambulatory Services at Shore Medical Center, donated lunch to all her departments. The American Legion, through Bob Marzulli (Commander of Post 524 in Ocean City) and Anna Marie Maikner (President of the Ladies Auxiliary), donated lunch to the Ocean City Fire Department, the nurses at Shore Medical Center and the staff at Wesley Manor. This week, Blitz will treat members of the Ocean City Police Department to lunch.

Blitz’s Market encourages anyone who wants to give a donation, big or small, to reach out to them through their website, Blitz’s Markets. The website is constantly monitored, and they will respond quickly to any inquiries. They also encourage people to reach out through social media direct messaging through Facebook and Instagram. They encourage people to be creative in how and what they can donate, and Blitz’s will do what they can to accommodate those requests. The donations do not always have to be for an entire department – people are able to treat a single person if it is within their means to do so. Every little bit helps someone who may be in need of a little backup. Simply click on their website and see what you can do to help.

This week, Blitz’s will be starting a new special for an $8.00 lunch box that will include 1/2 hoagie, bag of chips, cookie and a bottle of water. This is a great deal for someone who wishes to pay it forward to a front line worker or a home-bound family member residing in the Ocean City area. The Newmans report that many people call and order meals to be delivered to their family members, especially elderly members, who are sheltering at home.

Blitz’s is following every protocol for safe food prep and delivery, as they always do. Surfaces are constantly wiped down, staff is well trained in proper Covid-19 methods for food prep, they wear gloves and each food item is separately wrapped, including sandwiches on catering trays. Chips and cookies are single serve wrapped.

Blitz’s offers curbside pickup, and they continue to serve takeout and delivery through Door Dash. They encourage people to order online through their website so there is no physical exchange of money. Blitz’s also offers gift cards that can be purchased in store or online and can be given as gifts.

The Newmans are very grateful for their staff and their community who they feel is an extension of their own family. They are humbled by the good deeds individuals and organizations are doing to help others out during this unprecedented time. As Joan says, “Words can’t express how that feels – all I can say is there is a lot of good in this world.”

Blitz’s Market has been sharing these good deeds on their Instagram page to thank those who are giving meal donations. They included this quote from Coretta Scott King:

“The Greatness of a Community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of it’s Members.”

Don’t hesitate to be part of that greatness. If you wish to do your part to help others, treating someone to a meal is a great way to start.

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