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A Q&A with Snarky Seagull

A Q&A with Snarky Seagull

Snarky Seagull, a line of clothing and accessories featuring ‘The Baddest Bird on the Beach’, has been soaring in popularity along the Jersey coast. Last week, we had an opportunity to talk with owner Rose Zivic to learn more about Snarky Seagull.

1. When did you first decide to start Snarky Seagull?

Snarky was a spontaneous creation. We were at the beach in Long Beach Island, a place that will forever be in my heart and soul. While sitting as a family on our beach chairs, my daughter’s boyfriend gave me a Seagull feather that he found in the sand. It looked like an old quill pen. He handed it to me and said “Here’s for your writing.” I have always been a writer across many mediums—TV, radio, advertising, content creation—and he just thought it was kind of cute to correlate the feather with writing. I kept the feather and brought it back home to Connecticut with me. That week I was thinking of LBI and the great time we all had together. The recent memories weren’t yet tucked away, but still with me; like when you’re not at the beach, but still have the sand in between your toes! Long story short, about a week after our vaca, I woke up in the middle of the night and said out loud:  “Snarky Seagull”.  I have no idea why. I wrote it down so I didn’t forget … and that’s how Snarky was born … a manifestation of a daydream!

2. What was the inspiration for Snarky Seagull?

Keeping my roots on LBI alive.

3. I love your tagline “Created in 2020, inspired by a lifetime”, as well as the story you tell about your tenacity and finding coins under the boardwalk. Is there anything else about your life that was an inspiration for this business (for example, a lot of people “reinvented” themselves during the pandemic due to re-evaluation of their careers)?

 Snarky wasn’t a pandemic baby. He is, as the tagline says, ‘inspired by a lifetime’.

A little background: My parents had a house for over 60 years on Long Beach Island. When my mom died, the house died too. It was willed to me and my sisters; but I couldn’t afford to buy them out, so the house sold. Snarky is the unscripted culmination of that whole experience. He’s the brand that manifested through all the feelings associated with losing our house. Best thing about him: He’s fun! He’s the flipside of the sad part. He’s a survivor. Everyone who’s ever gone to the beach, a park or even just BBQ’ing on their deck has had an encounter with a Snarky Seagull. Snarky Seagull the Brand celebrates hustle and persistence. Our trademarked logo is over-the-top funny, designed to make you smile and say, “Yup, I know that dude, Snarky Seagull”.

4. Do you maintain a physical store or sell your product at pop-up sales or other venues? Or is it strictly online? 

Our store is online:  – but we also sell at various outdoor fairs in the Summer. We sold at a few on LBI last year—and will be doing so again this year, including as a vendor at this year’s 2022 ChowdaFest sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

5. Do you donate any portion of your proceeds to any organization? 

Yes. We donate a portion of the pet bandana sales to a pet charity – and we have plans in the works to support Tunnels to Towers foundation.

6. It looks as if you offer tee shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories for all ages, including unisex and pet merchandise. Are you planning to offer other items in the future, or do you plan to focus on these items? Any plans to expand your business in any way?

Snarky will always be featured doing different things. In a way, he’s like a collectible! People seem to gravitate towards the Snarky Seagull Tee or Cap or whatever, that they relate to. We have depicted Snarky Seagull as a fisherman, Surfer, Pirate … The possibilities are endless! What do you think he will be doing in the Winter? I guess you’ll have to keep following the brand to find out…

7. Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers about your business and/or yourself that I haven’t already asked?

Snarky Seagull is the Baddest Bird on the Beach. Through his new brand, he is promising you that his Snack Pillaging days are over … but are they? Maybe once a Snarky Seagull always a Snarky Seagull.

To order from Snarky Seagull or to learn more about this awesome company, please check out their website

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