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Top Five Reasons to Head to the Shore … RIGHT NOW

Top Five Reasons to Head to the Shore … RIGHT NOW
5. Parking is plentiful!

Now that it’s May, parking is no longer free in most towns. However, the pre-Memorial Day vibe is delightfully chill, so you can roll up just about anywhere and park without a hassle. The handy ParkMobile app, now utilized in most towns, means no more digging for quarters. And, you’ll have more time to shop, dine or go to the beach because you won’t be driving around for hours looking for parking spaces which you can most definitely count on doing come July!

4. No beach tags required

The beach tag requirement goes into effect on Memorial Day weekend in most towns, but for now, no tags required! And what’s even better – you can purchase them now at a discount for when you need them later. So on your way to your free beach day, stop by a beach tag distributor and buy at a discount.

3. You get first dibs on merch

Shore shop owners have spent their winters curating goods for Summer 2022 and now is the best time to reap the rewards of their efforts. Find the perfect beach chair, snuggle up in a new sweatshirt or do a little early holiday shopping before the best selection sells out!

2. There’s no wait for tables

Not only can you get seated right away (in most cases!) but your chances of scoring the best seats in the house are highest right now. Whether that be along the waterfront, at the table where you had your first date, or with an unfettered view of the entertainment, you just may have first choice of seating, in addition to enjoying fresh, locally made items.

1. The beach is all yours!

Whether you’re here to catch some rays, take a run or just to watch the waves as you contemplate life, this is the time to enjoy the beach without mid-summer crowds. No blaring country music, no footballs to the side of your head, no passing flip flops kicking up sand onto your sunscreened legs. Just you, the waves and your thoughts of summer – and how you can’t wait for it to be in full swing (crowds and all!)

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy all that springtime at the shore has to offer. You’ll be happy you did!

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