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Stone Harbor Beach Information

Stone Harbor Beach Information

Stone Harbor’s beaches are a great place to be on a hot summer afternoon, a cool autumn morning or a balmy spring night. Whether you are a beachcomber, sunbather, surfer or sandcastle builder, you are sure to enjoy your time on these white sand beaches. To maximize your enjoyment, here is information you will want to know, including Stone Harbor beach rules, where to park at the beach, which beaches are accessible in Stone Harbor, where to find public restrooms and more. 

Lifeguarded Beaches

The following beaches are protected by members of the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol: 81st, 83rd, 86th, 87th, 90th, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 100th, 102nd, 103rd, 105th, 108th, 110th, 112th, 113th, 116th, 117th, 120th & 122nd Streets.

Permitted Activities

Rafts – Use of rafts and other inflatable objects are permitted on all beaches except the following streets: 81st, 86th, 110th, 112th and 122nd.
Surfing – The use of surfboards (with leases attached) are permitted at the beaches at 81st and 110th Streets only.
Kayaks –  Kayaks are permitted at 122nd Street through 126th Street only, and life jackets must be worn at all times while in the water.

Beach Tag Information

Beach tags are required for all individuals 12 years or over from the Friday of Memorial weekend to Monday of Labor Day weekend, every day from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Beach tags can be purchased at the Beach Tag Office located in the Beach Patrol Building at 95th Street the Beach. Beachgoers can also download and purchase Stone Harbor seasonal tags through Viply, which can then be picked up at the Beach Tag Booth, or online.

The 2021 Summer Season rates for beach tags are: $6 for daily, $13 for weekly $30 for seasonal tags. Discounts are offered on seasonal tags purchased prior to May 31. Veterans will be issued a special veterans tag that can be picked up at 95th St Beach Tag Office 7 days a week 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Stone Harbor and Avalon have reciprocity between their beaches. This means that so Stone Harbor beach tags are accepted on Avalon beaches, and vice-versa. Avalon beach tags can be purchased at the Avalon Beach Tag Booth at Community Hall on 30th Street and Avalon Avenue or from any on-duty Avalon Beach Patrol Tag Inspector. Avalon tags are also available for purchase through the Viply app or online. 


Parking for the Stone Harbor beaches is available on street, at meters and in parking lots. Metered parking includes three-hour meters on designated streets; four-hour meters at two lots on the north side of 96th Street, west of Third Avenue, and one lot between Second and Third avenues and Borough Hall. Permits for parking in permit-only lots are available in the Borough Clerk’s Office, 9508 Second Avenue, for the cost of $225 per season.


Public restrooms are available at 95th Street and Second Avenue, 95th Street and the Beach and at 122nd Street.


Ramps are available from the street to the beach at 83rd, 88th, 92nd, 95th, 101st , 103rd, 105th, 111th, 114th and 119th Streets. Access from the beach entrance to water’s edge at 95th and 119th Streets. There is access to the pavilions at 89th Street and 101st Street to the beach.

Surf Chairs

A total of six chairs are available at the Beach Tag Office at 95th Street & the Beach. There is no charge for the surf chairs but reservations are strongly suggested. Please call 368-6805 to reserve a chair.

Rules and Regs

  • Swimming, rafts and surfboards are permitted at designated beaches only.
  • Unless noted otherwise, designated beaches are for swimming only.
  • The following are prohibited on the beach: Picnics, Alcoholic Beverages, Fires, Glass Bottles, Sleeping from sunset to sunrise.
  • Sailcraft must be licensed and beached at designated areas only.
  • Vehicles are permitted on the beach by permit only from October 1 through March 31st. Permits are issued the day after Labor Day until March the following year. For information regarding permits, call 368-5102.

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