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14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #11 Read All About It!

14 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way) – #11 Read All About It!

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of staying connected to your favorite shore towns and businesses by connecting digitally through social media (“Connect Digitally”). But sometimes there is nothing like the feel of a glossy magazine or the crack of a newly opened book spine to truly connect you with the written word.

Cape May County is home to several small publishing outlets that produce beautifully illustrated periodicals to help you stay connected to the shore. It is also home to writers who share stories about the people, places and things that make the shore feel like home. In this article, we will tell you a little bit about these publications and show you how you can have them delivered right to your home.

Cape May Magazine

Six times a year, Cape May Magazine delivers full-featured articles and lifestyle content about Cape May. Each story features a special part of Cape May, including its fascinating people, rich history, beautiful natural resources and more. The magazine is produced by Cape Publishing, located on Washington Street Mall. Each edition is available for purchase at over 50 retail outlets in Southern New Jersey and in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

If you would like to stay connected to Cape May through this gorgeous magazine, your best best is to give yourself – or someone you love – the gift of a subscription. You can purchase a one-year subscription, or 6 issues, for $29.00. Or save money by purchasing a two-year subscription for $49.00.

Exit 0 Publications

Exit 0 is a publishing company that began with a conversation in The Brown Room at Congress Hall in 2003. What started as an idea to publish a book about the history of Congress Hall grew to include the revitalization of a Cape May-based weekly publication called “Pennywise”. During research for the book, the author came across copies of the old publication which ran for about 50 years starting in the 1930s and provided a colorful glimpse at what was going on in Cape May each week. The first issue of the newly revitalized publication was distributed on July 4, 2003. Today, Exit 0 not only publishes the weekly magazine, it also runs 4 color issues throughout the year. Exit 0 has published many books by local authors about Cape May, including “Cool Cape May”, a guide book that can be found in Cape May hotel rooms and is also for sale in shops.

You can find the weekly Exit O publication in these following stores. You can subscribe to receive the four color editions of the magazine. If you are interested in purchasing the “Cool Cape May” book, click here.

Ocean City Magazine

Ocean City Magazine is the product of a small, family run publishing company called Gone Native Publications. Owners Stefanie and Bill Godfrey started the company in 2008 after losing their jobs. They began by publishing a colorful guidebook, “Welcome to Ocean City” which was circulated to hotels. The purpose of the book was to give visitors an excellent resource to learn more about the businesses of Ocean City including restaurants, shops and more. Soon the couple began publishing, “Ocean City Magazine” which is pinted 6 times a year between May and December. It is available for purchase in over 50 retailers in and around Ocean City. In addition to producing these two publications, Gone Native Communication also offers graphic design, public relations and writing services.

To stay closer to Ocean City by having this beautifully colorful magazine delivered right to your own home, click here to subscribe.

By subscribing to one (or all!) of these publications, you can help support these independent publishers and stay connected to the shore towns we love!

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