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How to Get Your Beach Fix (When You Can’t Get to the Beach)

How to Get Your Beach Fix (When You Can’t Get to the Beach)

In March 2020, we began a series titled “How to Get Your Beach Fix (The Quarantine Way)”. It was designed to help people connect with the shore at a time when most of us were quarantined and beaches were closed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

As we are now well into July, the shore is (almost) back in full swing again – with crowded beaches, open businesses and people taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

However, many of you have cancelled vacations and are staying away from shore crowds in an abundance of caution. If this is you, know you are not alone – many people are avoiding large crowds or are simply not able to make it to the shore this year for a variety of health, financial or job-related reasons. It’s been a tough year for many folks. Know that, when you’re ready, the shore will be waiting for you. In the meantime, here are our top 10 ways to get your beach fix – and support local shore businesses – when you simply can’t be there in person.

  1. Watch a live beach cam
  2. Plan your next trip
  3. Bring the beach to your own backyard
  4. Watch a beach movie
  5. Donate to a shore thing
  6. Make a beach tunes playlist
  7. Give a gift from the shore
  8. Buy eco-friendly products
  9. Connect digitally with the shore
  10. Read all about it

One final note: if you are able to make it to the shore this summer, please protect the residents, frontline workers, business owners and other patrons and wear a mask!

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